Types of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia:  We usually apply topical gel to numb the gum first.  Then a shot in the gums is given in order to numb the affected area.  It usually takes 5 minutes or so for the medicine to take effect.

Nitrous Oxide

Otherwise known as laughing gas – this inhalational agent is a wonderful medicine for slightly nervous patients.  It helps to cut the edge, making people less nervous so they can relax during their procedure.  It will create some relaxation, but patients will still be completely aware of everything happening around them.  They will be able to ask questions and hear the sounds in the room, as it will not make them fall asleep. For very nervous patients, they might need to consider a stronger type of anesthesia.


Using a small IV, medicine is administered to allow patients to drift off to sleep.  Once asleep, local anesthesia is administered and the procedure completed.  Most people wake up wondering when things will begin!  This is a wonderful option for nervous patients, children, or for people who are difficult to get numb.

General Anesthesia

We have the ability to take patients to the operating room and do complete general anesthesia.  This option is generally reserved for those with medical conditions that contraindicate office sedation.

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